Seyi Shay’s “Crazy” Video and Nigerian Double Standard

I just can’t stand it anymore. Nigerians are people who thrive on double standards. It’s rather upsetting. It’s even worse when it comes to the entertainment industry. Be it the genre an artist decides to go by or the kind of video the artist shoots. So long as its done by a Nigerian, be ready to face serious crucifixion.

I can hear you say “this isn’t news na”, and I totally agree. But I just got megally (hope that’s a word) upset! I finally got to watch Seyi Shay’s “Crazy” which features Wizkid, and I loved every bit of it. The costumes were on point, you could see they both had good chemistry on set, and the storyline was mega creative. I’m sure some of you beg to differ, but let me land before you bury me!

Because of how narrow minded and simple most Nigerian minds are, they lack the brain capacity to see how freaking creative that video is. How dare you say she tried to copy Lady Gaga? Who said Lady Gaga was the first to wear crazy costumes in a video? Do your fucking research!

*ok, I’m calm now*

The title of the song is “Crazy” and the director portrayed a perfect picture of his own perception of how crazy a woman in love can get. Did I hear you say “Ah ahh…”? Keep in mind though, if a Beyonce or Rihanna had done this same video y’all would be shouting “omg! best video ever!”. But sake of say na Naija babe do am, na so so diss una dey diss am!

If you wanna critique a video, at least be objective and stop hiding behind the “what society deems fit” cover. Start encouraging your own acts when rhet break from the norm. Stop shooting them down. And stop with all the fucking double standards yo! I’m done.


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