This Presidential Wahala Amongst Other Things 

I don’t know the first thing about politics or why people get into such heated arguments over it (just like football. like, why would 22 grown up men be chasing a small ball around a field and get paid big after such a silly exercise? story for another day jare). If there were levels of being a layman in politics, I would be at the lowest part of it. And because of that, I’m sure my opinion on this matter should and would hold some weight.

To be honest, I’m that one percent Nigerian who has never given a shit (pardon my French) about elections or who gets elected. Yes, I’m almost 30 and I’ve never voted. I guess its just because I never really gave much thought to whoever ruled this country. In my opinion, so long as he/she was voted in by the masses then ‘yay’ I guess. But I think the last 4 years has gotten me somewhat interested in how it all works. I have started to ask questions like, do we elect a party or the person from the party we know would actually function? Or is it just a kind of ‘anywhere belle face’ type of thing? (these are valid questions yeah?)

From the little I remember of our past leaders, a certain trend can be used as an example when trying to compare who made it work in power or not. Since the whole Boko Haram incident I keep saying to myself that if two certain people where still in power this would have never happen. Sadly, these to people are long dead but I’m sure most of you would agree with me about them. They are Late General Idiagbon and Late General Abacha.

Say what you will, but Abacha is still one of the best presidents we have had. Yes, he may have had a slight womanising problem and he hated snitches (hence the lack of FOI during his time, and his many many ‘letter bombs’ sent to those snitches), but if you look back I’m sure you would agree with me that things were actually not so bad then. Obasanjo tried to continue to keep it that way, but lets face it, that dude changed soon as he started to get fatter. LOL.

What I’m basically trying to say is that, Nigeria can only be a better nation if ruled by discipline. We are like babies who were not properly weaned yet we were let loose all thanks to ‘Democracy’, and now we have caused more harm than good on ourselves by trying to act like we had aged well enough to handle anything. It really saddens my heart at how bad things have become.


So I pose to you these questions; election time is almost here, who are you voting for? Are you voting for a party just because you feel they have a majority share of this country via their ‘god fathers’ or would you vote for someone hungry for change as we all are? Are you letting your so called loyalty’ stand in the way of the voice of reason? Or have you already sold your votes for a few bags of rice while the souls that were lost in the last 4 years means nothing to you?

I still have not decided on who to vote for, but I sure as hell wouldn’t reelect a man who can’t keep his wife in line or his troops together long enough for them to obey him. I sure wouldn’t want someone who lies about the current state of our lack of electricity on a national tv show only to be outed by the ‘super bowl incident’. I sure want someone who would instill discipline among Nigerians and rule with the fear of God. I really don’t know about you, but I want a Nigeria my kids would be happy and safe to grow up in.

In short, I want change. Do you?


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