Is Tonto Dikeh’s Music Career On Sabbatical?

We all know that it has been a while since the Poko Queen tried to do anything musically inclined. Its not like she took time off to go back into acting or have kids. So why has she been quiet? Abi didn’t she just get signed to D’Banj’s record label? Was that just so she doesn’t go broke (you know have a steady payroll and what-not)? I was just sitting here chewing on my nails when Tonto’s name popped up on my timeline. Apparently, she would always be in the news for nothing. Another Kim Kardarshian in the works you say?


On a totally unrelated note, we Media Thugs be wondering, what was D’Banj’s intention by starting up that record label? DKM right? What does it stand for? Dudes Killing Music(literarily)? No be me talk am oh! #JustPondering


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