Why Is Etcetera So Bitter?


(See what I did there? See what I did with the title?) 😀
I was jejely minding my business while being all up in Linda Ikeji’s business (her blog I mean) and I stumbled on another rant (sorry, post) by Etcetera. This time he was throwing serious jabs at a lot of celebs and claiming their so-called rich lifestyle is all make-believe.

Here’s what I don’t get with this ETC guy, you’re claiming their lifestyles are fake yet you don’t have enough evidence to back up your claim. And why were you sounding so darn bitter in that write up? Is the current state of your bank account getting to you? Are you wishing you had their fame and fake lifestyle too? Because you sure do sound like you’ve been bitten by the green snake called ENVY.

Little advice from the #MediaThugs though, try as much as you can to be more unbiased about your opinion when writing about your former colleagues (I say ‘former’ because you’re an ex-artiste). Come to think of it, you weren’t such a bad artiste yourself but I think this perceived ‘bitterness’ is making you a lot harder to even be likeable again. 



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