Who Is Kiss Daniel’s “Team” Again?


I am sure most of you caught the interview where Kiss Daniel made the biggest media blunder of his career (that show with Ebuka playing Larry King, whats it called again?). Anyways, for us at #MediaBants we found it refreshing that most of the celebs y’all look up to are just outrightly “blonde”.


So you were asked about your age on live TV and your go-to response was that your ‘team’ is gonna put out a press release on that? Does your team have nothing better to do? Or did you forget your age and that was your best cover up? Who is this ‘team’ of yours by the way, and who had the bright idea to convince you to say that on air?

We wanna imagine that your ‘team’ held a gun to your head to make you make a fool outta yourself to the whole world. Please don’t tell us that was all your doing, because that would mean that your just as bad at interviews as you are at picking producers who only remake your already used beats per song.

Thanks for coming under our radar Kiss Daniel, we await said press release and the full list of those on your team for future reference.



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