How Omawumi ‘Shot Herself In The Foot’ With Her Own Gun!


We know y’all already watched that interview where Omawunmi stormed out after being asked to debunk a rumor, right? And we are sure some of you have mixed feelings about this. Well, it is our job at #MediaBants to tell you how you should feel exactly. Embarrassed, that’s how. 

Omawunmi is a hard working individual with talent and a good educational background, yet she made the biggest media blunder that would haunt her for years to come. From the beginning of that interview on Da Chat with Zinnia (who is now our favourite presenter, by the way!), Omawunmi was on the defensive. It was obvious she was gonna explode (or implode as the case was here) any minute. Props to Zinnia though, she held her own so well.

Aunty Oma, quick question oh; why so angry??? (LOL) The babe only asked you to debunk a rumor, but all your response did was show that the said rumor is TRUE. Remember you said “MY drinking and MY smoking”.. *handing you the gun to shoot the other foot too*. So you’re now upset that your ‘fans’ would know about your bad habits? Even the greatest artistes of all time have publicly known bad habits, but they handled the media better.

Our friendly advice to Aunty Oma, the next time you’re asked to either confirm or debunk a rumour…THINK hard and well before you respond. Also, get a freaking publicist that can rehearse certain media questions with you and best advice you on how to actually respond. Sigh.. So embarrassing.



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