The February March, Tuface & The Nigerian Mentality 

Over the past one week, every news outlet has focused on this proposed peaceful march Tuface is spare heading. The idea of it all has left people at loggerheads over why it should or shouldn’t hold. Now, we the #MediaThugs were going to stay out of it all until we happened upon the video done by Tuface.

We have no issue with him wanting to protest against how bad things are presently. I mean, we should all be protesting, right? Those who threw insults at him just because he’s a “Father Abraham” in the making only added some form of comedy to this whole thing. Sadly, people are missing the point of it all.

Yes, we should speak out and protest and demand for a better treatment from our leaders. Here’s where we question it all. What really is Tuface’s motive behind this protest? What are his demands? Who exactly is it directed to? Does he have suggestions or advice that can be helpful? Or is he just gathering Nigerians together again for another ‘gala and soda’ concert under the sun with fellow artists?

We are asking because from what we saw in the video, all he wants to do is gather people together so they can all whine and complain about the economy in person as they already do online. If past history has taught us anything, this would not end so well. People are suffering already, can barely afford two meals a day, yet you want them to stand in groups and complain pointlessly? Correct us if we are wrong, but isn’t that what this is about?

You know when this march would have made sense? 6 MONTHS AGO!!! Oh well, let’s hope the polio vaccine cures the kid with polio. Oh, wait……nevermind.

Below are some comments we found intriguing during his Facebook Live feed.

Ps… Did anyone else notice how he kept saying “Hashtag #IStandWith2baba”? Shouldn’t it just be about Nigeria? Or is this cheap PR towards his “Eargasm” event? And did you notice that most of his speech was scripted? *shrug*



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