Stop Expecting Too Much From Celebrities

Trevor Noah 

I don’t know who thought it was a bright idea to always blame celebrities for how bad their community turned out or the poor choices other people make, but an end must be put to it somehow.

A celebrity is someone who worked hard, believe it or not, to get to where he/she is. This person had to go through their own issues and trials, and overcome certain battles just to be where they are today. Yet random people with free data feel the need to always call out a celebrity when they feel something ain’t right in their community.

Tweet about Trevor’s new house.

Take for instance, the dumb tweet I saw about Trevor Noah getting a house while a lotta kids in SA can’t afford to go to school. How in God’s name is that Trevor’s fault? Is he the government? No! So why equate both in the same sentence like they are related somehow? And that’s just only one example oh. There are many more who tend to try and belittle a celebrity’s personal success by comparing them to things that don’t even make sense.

Responses to above tweet.

People, it is time we learn to do better. If you are upset that a celebrity is making it, maybe it’s time for you to step your game up instead of being a sad old coot hiding behind a fake Twitter account spewing unwanted venom on peoples timelines. In short, get yourself a LIFE!



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